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06 May 2008

No Bailout, Contact Your Legislator

The House of Representatives Financial Services Committee released H.R. 3221 to be voted on. It was amended by the Senate earlier. In essence it allows the government to insure up to $300 billion of new home loans being refinanced by the Federal Housing Agency. It is making you and I pay for the mistakes that others have made in buying more house than they could afford or getting into loans that they didn't bother to read or understand.

I feel for anyone who is going to lose their home, but frankly, they aren't going to be living on the street. They will find a rental and continue to have a roof over their head like they did prior to buying a house. My wife and I have been saving and trying to buy a house and I don't understand why I should now be expected to pay for some idiot who jumped into a house before having the financial wherewithal to pay for it.

Call your Representative and tell them to vote no on H.R. 3221.

What Happened to Free Enterprise?

Mark Nolt is a farmer in Pennsylvania. He has been selling raw (unpasteurized) milk to people who want raw milk. Sounds deadly and downright devious. I'll bet he kicks puppies too.

Now he's being prosecuted for selling milk and milk products without a permit.

When this country was founded, the founding fathers believed in a person's right to trade with others and create contracts as long as there was no fraud between the parties. Why is that such a difficult principle for our government today to live by? If you and I decide that we want to trade goods or services and we are not lying or defrauding each other and we are not infringing on the rights of others, then why should the government care what we're doing?

Why should Mark Nolt be prohibited from an activity as simple as selling milk to his neighbors and customers? Is this the kind of country we want to live in? Me neither. Let's start holding our government accountable by contacting our legislators when we see things like this happening in our neck of the woods. Don't get angry and then go on about your business. Call your legislator and demand that they stop trampling on your rights! Otherwise, don't be surprised if you get arrested for selling milk.