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10 July 2010

BP Now Has Law Enforcement Powers

I was pointed to this website showing police dash cam footage of a police officer detaining a freelance photographer who was standing in public right-of-way taking pictures of BP property for an assignment. That's disturbing enough, but later in the video around 6 minutes in a BP security guard shows up and starts asking the cop to give him this photographer's information. The photographer, rightly, asks if that's legal since BP is not a government agency. I was very disturbed by the cops response telling the photographer that BP is "a certain type of law enforcement". SINCE WHEN!!

When did an oil company suddenly become our duly elected and appointed law enforcement. This is the kind of bull that is driving citizens crazy. Our government representatives don't even know what the limits of their power are. Because, effectively, they have no limits anymore. They don't even pretend to have any kind of limits. Government is its own law and the citizen be damned.

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