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12 July 2010

We Need Nuclear Power Quickly!

There is a great interview in Business Week with Anne Lauvergeon who is the CEO of the French nuclear-power company Areva. Go read the whole thing, but here is an excerpt.

What are the arguments for nuclear power?
First, it's a good way to produce a lot of electricity cheaply. Of course, you have to invest heavily at the beginning, but afterwards you have 60 years of electricity at a very predictable cost. You don't depend on other countries, and you have no CO2 emissions. But nuclear energy is not for everybody. You cannot build new nuclear plants in a country that is not stable, that is not managed with rationality.

What are you doing with the nuclear waste?
First, you put a very small quantity of uranium into the plant. So at the end you have a very small quantity of nuclear waste. What to do with it? We are recycling 96 percent of this waste. You don't recycle in the U.S.

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