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10 December 2010

Another Example of Property Seizure Abuse by the Police

Short version: police take money ($190,000, their life savings) from two brothers who remodel homes, they suspect that the brothers are drug dealers, no evidence is found, drug-sniffing dog can't find any evidence, no charges brought, police refuse to give the money back, court demands they give it back, city and police refuse. Sounds fair. (rolls eyes)


Hez said...

You can refuse a court order? So, could I theoretically refuse to be tried in court or accept a sentence?

Joshua Richardson said...

Municipalities can refuse court orders until a power larger than them enforces it. Usually it has to go to a higher court with a threat of incarceration of certain leaders of the municipality. I mean, if you're the police and the judge says to return the money, who's gonna arrest you if you don't? The judge has to appeal to a court above them which can bring a higher law enforcement body into play. If YOU refuse a court order, the court just has the police send you to jail. Municipalities have privileges that you and I don't enjoy.