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31 January 2011

Congress Cannot Trump Its Creator

I'm reading Judge Andrew Napolitano's book Constitution in Exile and I came across this which I thought was a great summation of the illegitimacy of the Congress ignoring the Constitution.

"The powers of the legislative branch are...defined and limited by the Constitution, which is supreme, paramount, and superior to any legislative act. Because of this, the Court can negate any such act of Congress if it is 'repugnant' to the Constitution. As [Justice] Marshall saw it, Congress is only a creature created by the Constitution - it shouldn't be allowed to trump it creator.

"Marbury v. Madison is the most important court decision in American history because it created judicial review - the power of the Supreme Court, and eventually all federal courts, to examine a statute (and eventually the behavior of the president as well) and to declare it void if the court finds it to run counter to the Constitution.

"Marshall wrote that 'it is the very essence of judicial duty to decide if two laws conflict, which shall supersede, and whether any law conflicts with the Constitution, which is superior and must prevail." This entire argument is brilliant, rational, and consistent with the Natural Law principle that the creature (the Congress) cannot negate acts of its creator (the Constitution)." (Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, The Constitution in Exile, p. 33-34)

29 January 2011

Shocking Clip of a College Muslim Organization

This clip is several months old. I kept forgetting to put it on the blog. It is a clip of a leader of a college Muslim group saying that she is in favor of hunting down the Jews. Wow. It is in the audio clips above titled A&G - On Campus Muslim Organization Show True Colors. Share it with your friends too.

26 January 2011

Man Arrested for Asserting His Rights Finally Acquitted

The TSA is one of the most incompetent agencies in performing their duty. They appear to be persistently ignorant of the extent of their authority. My wife said that they're probably just so used to people complying with their illegal commands that they get flustered and overreact when someone stands up to them.

Breaking Down the State of the Union 2011

This video from CATO is the best analysis of the President's State of the Union address that I've seen. Please share it with your friends.

23 January 2011

San Francisco So Ridiculous Even The Daily Show Has to Mock Them

So many priceless moments:

When the councilman rewords the assertion of Mr. Mandvi so as not to use the term "nanny state" and Aasif Mandvi calls him on it.

When Aasif Mandvi asks the councilman, "Are you serious right now?" when the councilman backs himself into a rhetorical corner.

The look of exasperation when the councilman realizes his error in logic.

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Thank Goodness for the Two-Party System!

18 January 2011

New Audio Clip

I added a cute little interview with my daughter in the audio clips at the top of the page. She told me that she likes to get up in the morning when I'm cooking Opiemeal (Oatmeal) and I had to get her to say it on audio. She says it a little closer to the real word, but it's still adorable. It is labeled as Voice002.

15 January 2011

Dihydromonoxide: The Hidden Menace!

The Why Homeschool blog pointed me to this video of Penn and Teller showing how people are often not so much environmentalists as they are joiners.

13 January 2011

New A&G Clip

I added A&G - Jack's Talent for Breathing to the clips at the top of the page. Enjoy!

10 January 2011

How to Keep Yourself Motivated

A blog I follow posted a great idea they found for keeping yourself motivated in achieving new goals: put your money where your mouth is. The idea is that we hate losing money so if we put a significant amount of money at peril, we are significantly more likely to stick to the goal. To learn more go here.

NYC School System: Question Authority!!! (Just Not Ours)

The school officials at Jamaica High School did not appreciate a play that questioned their education policy. At least we can finally make it official regarding schools: as long as you repeat what we want you to repeat you will be happy, successful students. Of course you'll stink when it comes to dealing with the real world, but that's not the school board's problem.

07 January 2011

Unions Vs. Volunteers

Adrian Moore really nails it in this video.

"You would want the city councils and the county board of supervisors, the folks we elect to...manage these agencies and these finances to say 'Hey wait a minute. The job here is to deliver as much services as we can with the budget we've got, not to protect these jobs'. But as we know they've negotiated that away during the good times earlier this decade and now they have it in their bargaining agreements or they just don't have the guts to take on the unions and say 'No, no, no, look, we're not going to fill those positions. We're going to use volunteers and you know what, when good times come again if the volunteers remain we're going to keep using those volunteers.'" That's what the unions really fear, that they'll permanently lose those jobs to volunteers."

Countdown to Disappointment

03 January 2011

The Constitution is "Too Confusing" and "Has No Binding Power"

Ezra Klein appears to find the Constitution very difficult to understand. Maybe he should spend more time studying it then rather than jabbering on about things he doesn't understand.

I Am a Marxist

A Groucho Marxist, that is. I just reread one of my favorite Groucho Marx quotes: "Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it, diagnosing it incorrectly and then applying the wrong remedies."

01 January 2011

Insider Trading

The new Freeman issue has a really interesting article on insider trading. Warren Gibson lays out the problems with a blanket prohibition and vilification of insider trading. Insider trading could actually have some benefits. As it stands right now, corporate insiders are not allowed to trade on material information that is not widely known. If that is the case the people who tend to benefit from the information are those who find out about it next after the corporate insiders and that tends to be stock market professionals, like analysts. That means that the benefits of the information tend to accrue first to stock market professionals who may be outside the corporation. Why should they be the first to benefit?

Mr. Gibson provides some alternative solutions that I found intriguing. Rather than having a one-size-fits-all federal solution to insider trading, why not let each corporation have their own policies in their by-laws? That way each corporation could find their own approach to the issue. Having that many laboratories would allow the market to discover effective approaches to handing insider trading. Mr. Gibson provides some ideas of his own that I think would work really well. I would recommend reading the article in its entirety.