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30 March 2011

At Least They Have Their Summers Off

It turns out that the average public school teacher not only makes more that the average private school teacher, they make more than the average worker. So does that mean I can stop listening to teachers whine about their pay?

We Are On the Path to Fiscal Disaster, But At Least We're Going Fast!

22 March 2011

The Damage of a Floating Dollar

Seth Lipsky spoke at Hillsdale College recently and Hillsdale put it in their publication, Imprimis. (If you don't subscribe, it's free. And worthwhile.) He spoke about the damage to individuals that occurs because the dollar is not fixed to any particular value. Its value is simply whatever the market says it's worth. Since the Federal Reserve is able to just introduce whatever amount of dollars they want into the system, it devalues the dollars that already exist. Hence, inflation. As Warren Buffett has pointed out before, inflation is simply a hidden tax. He discusses some lawsuits that are going on that have the potential to ignite a national conversation on the buying-power of the dollars we earn. Check it out and let me know what you think.

16 March 2011

It Can Only Get Better From Here...Right?

This couple lives just south of us and their wedding was...interesting. I was laughing out loud by 2:45.

Come On, the Kid Was Asking For It

Apparently the large kid in this video got suspended, but come on, it seems pretty apparent that the little dude was asking for a beating. I think there is a little language in it, but they're Australian so I couldn't tell. :-)

14 March 2011

Your Houses Are Belong To Us!

This kind of garbage has to stop. It is nothing more than theft and anyone who participates in it is a despicable reprobate.

07 March 2011

Because It's Not Actually Your Money

Gregory Rodriguez of the LA Times has written an op-ed stating that health insurance plans, retirement plans and mortgage tax deductions are welfare programs wherein the US government subsidizes your income. Only a full-fledged, dogmatically-pure worshipper of the state would call it welfare when you're allowed to keep more of your own money.

Here is the operable paragraph:
Three programs make up most of this "hidden welfare state," as another scholar calls it. The first is employer-based health insurance, which is subsidized by the ability of businesses to deduct some of the costs from their taxes. The second is the home mortgage interest deduction for individuals, and the third is the creation of tax-free retirement accounts, into which employers and employees can contribute. Yale political scientist Jacob Hacker calculates that such "tax-advantaged" programs make up almost a third of America's social welfare spending.
I do agree in the sense that the government is busy picking winner (homeowners) and losers (renters), but that's just one more reason to adopt the Fair Tax.

02 March 2011

Family Man

I liked this video. Five kids later, I can understand what this guy is talking about. I can't even remember what it was like when I was single. And I wouldn't want to go back.

"Family Man" from Trevor Little on Vimeo.

Michael Moore is Entitled to Bill Gates' Money!

Per Michael Moore, all the money that someone earns actually belongs to everyone else. It's a community resource. I swear this guy is either the worst sort of liar and thief or an ignoramus of the highest caliber. Watch the video and see if you are able to keep your blood pressure in a normal range.