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22 April 2011

Security Theater

I would imagine that many Americans are, at the very least, irritated by the security theater that is our airport screening nowadays. Gene Healy of the Cato Institute wrote a great op-ed recently about the indignities of the TSA. A couple of highlights:

In his 2008 book The Science of Fear, Daniel Gardener noted that even if terrorists crashed a plane a week, "a person who took one flight a month for a year would have only a 1-in-135,000 chance of being killed in a hijacking — a trivial risk compared with the annual 1-in-6,000 odds of being killed in a car."

[O]n Friday, CNN revealed a list of "behavioral indicators" TSA uses to scope out travelers who deserve extra manhandling. Among the agency's red flags are "arrogant" expressions of "contempt against airport passenger procedures."

Because, clearly, making a scene on the airport security line is sound strategy for anyone trying to sneak a bomb onto a plane.

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