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17 August 2011

Price Gouging: A Right Defended

In a recent issue of The Freeman, Lawrence Reed wrote an article addressing the accusations of price gouging that regular crop up against the oil companies. I thought this quote was a great defense of the oil companies.

Suppose someone offers to buy my house for twice what I paid for it a year ago and I refuse. It’s my house, and I really don’t want to move, but I announce that if someone wants to give me ten times what I paid, I’ll take it.

Am I “gouging” somebody? Most people would say no, but they would be hard put to explain what the difference is between my action and that of those unpopular villains who produce and sell gasoline.

It’s true that my house is private property, but so is gasoline. When it’s in the underground tank at the gas station, it’s the private property of that station until somebody else buys it. It’s not public property. It certainly doesn’t belong to people who never took a risk and invested a nickel in it—and that includes all the bellyaching demagogues who will try to further their careers by bashing wealth-creators.

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