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02 September 2011

Michael Allison: Constitutional Hero

Michael Allison was arrested on 5 counts of Eavesdropping because he video-taped a law enforcement officer in the performance of his duty. This is apparently illegal in Illinois. If convicted he would face 75 years in jail. The DA has offered him a plea bargain that would involve probation but no jail time, but, God bless him, Mr. Allison refuses to admit guilt. A local news station has been covering it and I've included a video of their coverage below. I wish Mr. Allison the best of luck in fighting the tyranny he faces.

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Nathan said...


By far the scariest abuse of power in all those clips was the cop pointing his gun at the driver of the car that was simply watching an altercation. He aimed a gun at the heart of a citizen who had done nothing even close to violent!