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01 October 2011

Libertarianism Around the World

One of the great points that Stossel makes in this clip is that Chile took steps to introduce free-markets about 30 years ago and since then per capita income has tripled and their semi-private voucher system has made them the highest-scoring nation in South America when it comes to education.  In spite of this, there are people (primarily youth) rioting in Chile to eliminate private education and eliminate disparities in income. 

To me this illustrates the point that the argument between freedom and tyranny is NEVER done.  New generations have to learn for themselves that government paternalism simply doesn't work.  It is enervating and doomed to end in tyranny.  I believe that there are three kinds of people in the world: those who want the freedom to determine their own destiny, those who want to be provided for at the expense of others, and those who haven't made up their mind yet.  It's that third group who deserves our attention.

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