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05 November 2011

Reason: Sexual Abuse Victim Forced To Pay Attacker

Reason Magazine pointed this out the other day.  It's appalling and I can't believe this judge would make a decision like this.  Apparently justice is blind.  And stupid.

Here is an excerpt from Reason:

A San Diego judge ordered Crystal Harris to pay $1,000 a month in spousal support to her ex-husband -- just as soon as he finishes up his six year prison sentence for sexually assaulting her. As 10News reports, "The entire assault was caught on tape and what it captured was enough to convict Shawn Harris of a felony -- forced oral copulation."
So why is a victim being forced to pay her attacker? According to Judge Gregory Pollock, it's because Crystal Harris brought home six figures worth of bacon while Shawn Harris was unemployed.
"I can't look at a 12-year marriage where one side is making $400 a month, the other side is making over $11,000 and say no spousal support," Pollock said in court. "That would be an abuse of discretion."

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