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02 March 2012

Smoking Bans Are Bans on Property Rights


Shannon Nicole said...

I've been thinking about this topic recently. I'm scared to death that the property next door will be rented to smokers. Currently our front yard faces the backyard of renters. One of which smokes. Often when outside in our front yard we are forced inside by cigarette smoke. If we lived next door to smokers I'm afraid that we will no longer be able to enjoy our yards or even have our windows open. Has shown me how I don't ever want to have neighbors in close proximity again.

Joshua Richardson said...

Shannon, I hear you. I get tired of smelling marijuana when I walk around town or in our yard. Armstrong and Getty made an interesting point about this just this week. They were talking about a city that was considering banning smoking in the home because it was a nuisance to neighbors and they were making the point that kids, pets, pollen, fumes from lawnmowers, etc. could ask be considered nuisances by some neighbors too so where would we stop? I think too many people have gotten into the habit of turning to government to solve every human problem when we should be taking care of it ourselves.

Joshua Richardson said...

I also would agree with your idea of having plenty of space between me and my neighbors in the future. :-)