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28 August 2012

Ban Hate Speech?

The best antidote for hate speech is to let it happen so that people can see just how stupid it is.  Driving it underground gives it a martyr status that helps it gain strength.

25 August 2012

And Libertarians Complain About Broad Brushes...

Jason Brennan of Bleeding Heart Libertarians, a site that I really like, posted yesterday a bingo game titled "What Insane Thing Will Republicans Say Next".  You know it's a bad day for me when I have to defend Republicans, but this is just a bad post.  Todd Akin said some stupid, illiterate, offensive garbage about rape not resulting in pregnancy because the body knows how to keep that from happening if it's actually rape.  I mean, that's ignorant even by Congress' standards, right?  So when Mr. Brennan posts something like this implying that all Republicans are Christian ignoramuses you have to wonder, "Gosh, are Republicans defending Todd Akin?"  No.  No they're not.  I mean even fawning Republican talking-points parrot Sean Hannity has said that Todd Akin needs to leave.  And I've never heard of a Republican that Hannity won't defend.

So why did Mr. Brennan's post offend me so much?  Because it's the same kind of broad-brush mentality that we libertarians complain about when the media portrays us incorrectly.  How often have we heard that libertarians are atomistic, screw-your-neighbor social-darwinists?  Isn't that the very reason that the Bleeding Heart Libertarians came into existence, Mr. Brennan?  We need to not perpetuate myths about our own opponents so that we can claim the high ground.

21 August 2012

Sheldon Richman: Where Free-Market Economists Go Wrong

Where Free-Market Economists Go Wrong

Sheldon Richman is one of my favorite thinkers.  I've been reading him in such places as The FreemanReason and The Future of Freedom Foundation.  This is a great article on the response that free-market defenders should have when people blame the free market for our problems:

"What free market? (With all the subsidies and regulations on the books, can there possibly be a free market?)...What we have—and have had for a long time—is corporatism, an interventionist system shot through with government-granted privileges mostly for the well-connected–who tend to be rich businesspeople. This system is maintained in a variety of ways: through taxes, subsidies, cartelizing regulations, intellectual “property” protections, trade restrictions, government-bank collusion, the military-industrial complex, land close-offs, zoning, building codes, restrictions on workers, and more. As a result, people can get rich at the expense of the government’s victims. Even some who have prospered apparently by market means have actually done so through government intervention, such as transportation subsidies and eminent domain.?

14 August 2012

Man Jailed for Collecting Rain Water

My wife and I lived in Medford, Oregon for 4 years and we still miss it to this day.  So I am extremely disappointed by the actions of the government and judiciary there to jail a man for collecting rainwater on his own property.  Apparently Oregon feels like rainwater belongs to them.  I hope this will continue to nurture the libertarian revolution going on in our country.  We have to push back against government tyranny because government only likes to expand.  We have to force it to contract.

10 August 2012

Baseball Music Guy Gets Ejected

Hilarious!  The "music guy" at a AAA baseball game got ejected for playing "3 Blind Mice" after a call the ump made against the home team.  LOL!  The color commentary is the best part of the video.

04 August 2012

Is the Gov't Better Than the Free Market at Providing?

The statist would typically argue that government is the only means by which we can accomplish education, roads, health care, etc.  Libertarians would argue that the free market will find a way to provide for human wants and needs and they'll do it without compulsion.  President Obama seems to be firmly in the statist camp.

03 August 2012

Damon Root Interviews Randy Barnett

This is a fantastic interview.  One of the best I've ever seen from ReasonTV.  It is a wide-ranging discussion that starts at the Supreme Court's Obamacare decision and wanders through Founder's-Intent Originalism vs Public-Opinion Originalism, veering for a bit into the libertarian foundations to be found in the abolition movement.  He also talks about the never-ending battle between independent-minded liberty lovers and statists.  Great interview!

02 August 2012

Which is Better: Free Market or Government Protection?

This is one of the best illustrations on why the voluntary nature of free market exchange is superior in every way to the involuntary nature of government.