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25 August 2012

And Libertarians Complain About Broad Brushes...

Jason Brennan of Bleeding Heart Libertarians, a site that I really like, posted yesterday a bingo game titled "What Insane Thing Will Republicans Say Next".  You know it's a bad day for me when I have to defend Republicans, but this is just a bad post.  Todd Akin said some stupid, illiterate, offensive garbage about rape not resulting in pregnancy because the body knows how to keep that from happening if it's actually rape.  I mean, that's ignorant even by Congress' standards, right?  So when Mr. Brennan posts something like this implying that all Republicans are Christian ignoramuses you have to wonder, "Gosh, are Republicans defending Todd Akin?"  No.  No they're not.  I mean even fawning Republican talking-points parrot Sean Hannity has said that Todd Akin needs to leave.  And I've never heard of a Republican that Hannity won't defend.

So why did Mr. Brennan's post offend me so much?  Because it's the same kind of broad-brush mentality that we libertarians complain about when the media portrays us incorrectly.  How often have we heard that libertarians are atomistic, screw-your-neighbor social-darwinists?  Isn't that the very reason that the Bleeding Heart Libertarians came into existence, Mr. Brennan?  We need to not perpetuate myths about our own opponents so that we can claim the high ground.

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