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27 September 2012

Corporate Welfare: Energy Edition

T. Boone Pickens has based his wind-energy business model on getting welfare from the government for his business.  That's a pretty pathetic business model

25 September 2012

20 September 2012

Pushing Back Against Leviathan

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has told Buckeyballs that they need to shut down their business. Why, you ask?  Because people can die if they swallow them.  (In a completely unrelated story the CPSC has told businesses to stop making bleach, gasoline, swords, hot dogs, light bulbs, piranhas, chlorine gas, Fiats, and tractors, all of which may kill you if swallowed.)

Fortunately, the business is fighting back and refuses to recall the products.  Thank goodness someone is standing up to Leviathan!

18 September 2012

Ban Corporate Profits!

Peter Schiff was able to find quite a few Democrats who were willing to ban or cap corporate profits.  Those evil, evil businesses!  They probably kill unicorns on the weekend too!

13 September 2012

Democrat Debt Solutions

Zach Weissmueller is doing "man on the street" interviews at the Democrat National Convention asking about the debt and how it should be reduced.  Way to go, Zach!

11 September 2012

TSA vs. Private Screening

My wife and I just went through the SFO security screening and it was fast.  Now I know why.

06 September 2012

Cut the Debt!!! (But Leave My Pet Spending Alone)

This is the sad state of the 2-party system.  People who say they want something (in this case debt-reduction), blame the other party for making it worse, and yet fight the obviously indispensable steps to accomplishing the goal (in this case, cuts to Medicare, Social Security, and Defense).  Sad, sad, sad.

05 September 2012

Pro-Choice Hypocrisy

This is a GREAT video put together by Zach Weissmueller and Paul Detrick highlighting the hypocrisy of those who claim they are pro-choice.  (As long as they agree with the choice.)