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27 December 2012

20 December 2012

Napolitano on the Progressive Era

This is a little long (14 minutes), but it's Nick Gillespie interviewing Judge Napolitano about his new book on Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.  Both men took dramatic steps to expand the power of the presidency and solicit greater dependence on the federal government.  Sad, sad, sad.

13 December 2012

Intellectual Honesty

Earlier this year I watched and Intelligence Squared debate on the role of government in the obesity problem.  (If you haven't watched any of these debates I HIGHLY recommend them)  One of the proponents of government activism was Dr. Pam Peeke.  One of her opponents was John Stossel, who I like.  It was nice to see Stossel's team win the debate, but disheartening that the opposition team still had the most overall votes at the end of the debate.  (The winner is the team that changes the most minds, not necessarily the one who gets the most votes)

Imagine my surprise when, on a recent visit to Stossel's show, Dr. Peeke confessed to having changed her mind about the government's role in addressing obesity.  She thinks it would be better for private organizations, like Overeaters Anonymous, to tackle the problem.  I was floored.  Here was someone who had vigorously defended her position just 10 months ago in the debate who had been open-minded enough to consider the alternative.  I find that incredibly admirable and hope that I can do as well in considering things that I may have a knee-jerk reaction to.  Here is the Stossel clip:

Update: Apparently Fox is having issues with their embed codes recently because none of them are working.  Here is a link to the clip.

And here is the debate if you have the time:

11 December 2012

Food Freedom

Boy, you listen to politicians like Representative Ortiz from New York and you just CAN'T believe that there are people like him in the world.  How do you satirize someone who says that his ban on salt has not reduced a person's ability to choose?  And then he says, right at the end: "I'm saving your life and the life of the people of this nation."  God protect us from do-gooder busy-bodies.  Also, I love you Joel Salatin.  You're my food hero.

Update: For some reason, Stossel's embed code isn't working.  Here is a link to the clip.

06 December 2012

Wrongfully Convicted: The Exoneration Project

I am passionate about abuse by the legal system.  It raises my hackles every time I read about any case of it happening.  God bless the people who have put together the Registry of Exonerations.  It is a work of justice.  Thousands of lives have been negatively impacted by a legal system that sometimes gets tunnel vision when it's more interested in getting a conviction than finding the perpetrator.

04 December 2012