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11 December 2012

Food Freedom

Boy, you listen to politicians like Representative Ortiz from New York and you just CAN'T believe that there are people like him in the world.  How do you satirize someone who says that his ban on salt has not reduced a person's ability to choose?  And then he says, right at the end: "I'm saving your life and the life of the people of this nation."  God protect us from do-gooder busy-bodies.  Also, I love you Joel Salatin.  You're my food hero.

Update: For some reason, Stossel's embed code isn't working.  Here is a link to the clip.

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Pappo - Darwin said...

When I was a kid, I went and watched the movie 1984, which was based on George Orwell's novel of the same name. I remember coming out of the movie frightened that something like that could happen.

As 1984 came and went, it gave me a sense of security that in fact the government intrusion into the lives of its citizens was fiction.

Over the past several years that comfort has long gone. Now I see George Orwell was spot on in a lot of ways. The things that are happening in Washington and other areas in the United States like New York, are truly frightening. These guys like Ortiz are certifiably insane! They are crazed by the power they yield in the offices they hold. This in-your-face power trip they are on is what is destroying this great country. God help us all.