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29 January 2013

The Indispensible Milton Friedman

Another book for my To Read pile.  I think I add to the pile faster than I can read.  Sigh.

24 January 2013

Poor, Stupid Voters Protected by Omniscient Politicians

Why are more people not offended by this lady's logic?  She is representative of all the politicians who feel like they know what's best for their peons constituents.  How is it that we don't all recoil from this kind of attitude?

15 January 2013


I got moves you never seen!  But most of them involve painfully trying to get my limbs to move where I want them to.  Not like these guys.

08 January 2013

Regulation Killed the Hamburger Stand

Detective Eric Moore of the LAPD is a perfect example of the kind of person who would have been "just following orders" in Hitler's Germany.  He is a man so blinded by the letter of the law that he fails to see that the law is making criminals out of ordinary men and women.  His kind of willful ignorance is the most frightening thing about government officials.  Their overwrought paternalism has the unintended consequence of abusing the citizenry they profess to care about.  It's disturbing to listen to his calm denunciation of the business owner as an uncaring human being for not being willing to "voluntarily" make changes to his business.  Because of the business owner's intransigence the city had to step in and compel him to be a good citizen.  God help us from nannies like Detective Moore and the zoning committee.

03 January 2013

Curt Schilling: Crony Capitalist

I always find it interesting when people who profess to be small-government advocates hypocritically try to pig out at the government trough.  Curt Schilling, former Boston Red Sox pitcher, Bush supporter and a self-proclaimed small-government guy, was more than happy to petition the state of Rhode Island for tens of millions of dollars when he couldn't get a single private investor to back his business idea.  The first red flag for Rhode Island should have been the fact that this baseball legend couldn't get a single large investor to back him.  Really?!  How bad is that business idea?  Rhode Island got a chance to find out.

01 January 2013

Public/Private Partnership Example

Indianapolis did a public/private partnership for their parking problem and ended up getting MORE money than they were getting prior to the deal and the service upgrade is phenomenal.  Check it out!