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08 January 2013

Regulation Killed the Hamburger Stand

Detective Eric Moore of the LAPD is a perfect example of the kind of person who would have been "just following orders" in Hitler's Germany.  He is a man so blinded by the letter of the law that he fails to see that the law is making criminals out of ordinary men and women.  His kind of willful ignorance is the most frightening thing about government officials.  Their overwrought paternalism has the unintended consequence of abusing the citizenry they profess to care about.  It's disturbing to listen to his calm denunciation of the business owner as an uncaring human being for not being willing to "voluntarily" make changes to his business.  Because of the business owner's intransigence the city had to step in and compel him to be a good citizen.  God help us from nannies like Detective Moore and the zoning committee.

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