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05 February 2013

Looking Forward to the US Treasury Collapse?

Okay, so this video gets a little technical and wonky (be still my heart!) but it's a very interesting point of view by Mr. Hummell who suggests that a US default is, for all intents and purposes, practically unavoidable at this point.  It will happen, it's just a question of when.  And he views that as a good thing.  He sees the collapse of confidence in the US government as a net positive to the private sector as individuals move their investment capital away from the "bullet-proof" US treasuries and over to private investment.  I have to agree with him that I believe this would be the ultimate outcome, but I think it could be a pretty painful process.  It sounds like he believes it would be also.  Long-term though it would be a positive development.  So bring it on!

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