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06 June 2013

Because So Few People Know About Christmas Trees...

The Obama Administration has decided to tax every Christmas tree in America with a $.15 tax that will rise to $.20 per tree eventually.  While this sounds like very little money, when you multiply it across tens of millions of households who buy Christmas trees it's just another revenue grab.  Plus, if you get enough of these "little" money grabs it all adds up to a significant drain on American families.  We are being taxed to the point that it has become obvious that the federal government thinks of all money as theirs and they just decide how much you get to keep.

The justification behind the tax is to create a Christmas Tree promotion program.  You know, because almost no one knows about Christmas trees.  They're such a new development in American life and we really want to make sure that they catch on.  According to a Heritage Foundation post, "Some in the Christmas tree industry sought to develop a promotional program to assist its industry. After three failed attempts to set up a voluntary system, they turned to the federal government to do what it couldn’t: Force Christmas tree producers and importers to pay for a Christmas tree promotion program."

So really, like most legislation in today's America, this is just a bunch of industry whiners using the government to enforce their will on the others in their industry who don't like listening to them.  Cronies really are the lowest form of life.  They're also the kind of people that we used to tar and feather and ride out of town on a rail.  Ahh, those were the days.

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